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VIAPLASMA 101 8-Week Energy Course

An informative & practical course meeting weekly for 8 weeks to learn how to work with energy!

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 400 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

VIAPLASMA is an instrument that powers & helps operate your consciousness, helping you enter into different states of consciousness to change reality according to your intentions. Most people desire a powerful mind to change their lives, reach their goals, & control their reality. You have likely heard statements & even seen evidence that thoughts are material & that people influence their environment according to the quality of their thinking. But how does someone govern their non-physical mind in order to affect or change physical reality? Why isn’t it enough to daydream or to practice constant affirmations? Some people go out of their way to learn complicated future planning methods. They often seek systems to plan their lives, sketch & write down their goals, or create elaborate imaginary scenarios. They keep journals, meditate, try to enforce positive thinking, buy specific crystals & incense, & even change their lifestyles & diets. AND STILL, most of them fail to accomplish the desired results – materializing their dreams & goals into reality. Why? The answer lies within two very essential principles of the thought materialization process - CONCENTRATION & ENERGY. When you concentrate effectively, you use your consciousness to direct your intentions to a particular event, object, or action. When you power this process with the proper energy, then can you change physical reality & materialize your intentions. VIAPLASMA is a discipline that provides a working model to teach you how to master concentration, build energy, & control processes. It also provides proper techniques & technology to effectively use your consciousness as an instrument of creation, materialization, & vertical spiritual evolution. Think about how many different vehicles there are on the market today with different engine types. Each type requires a specific fuel. You want to use the proper type of fuel to power your vehicle to give you the best performance & take you to your desired location, safely, quickly, & comfortably. If you use the wrong type of fuel, you can hurt the performance of your vehicle, damage the motor or even disable the whole thing. VIAPLASMA provides you with the training needed to identify & work with different types of fuel for your consciousness. That fuel - that ENERGY - has different distribution methods to serve different purposes. By learning VIAPLASMA people can get the right kind of energy to power their consciousness & control their reality.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule please contact us at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment. We cannot guarantee a refund, but will try to accommodate rescheduling your original appointment.

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