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Below you can find responses to our most common questions from Sefirot School students. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for do not hesitate to get in touch to obtain the information you need. You can also join our Telegram chat where Master Sorapis answers questions posted in the group.


Can anyone become a Mag or develop psychic abilities?

Everyone will eventually get there. It is all part of evolution of the human soul and consciousness. When? It all depends on several factors.

1) The level of consciousness and awareness a person has in their current incarnation (Cast)

2) A person's mass and speed (Parameters of Assemblage Point)

3) Knowledge, vector and dedication (Rapid Spiritual Evolution - Knowledge, Practice, Working with Others)

If a person's soul is ready, they will be seeking that knowledge and practices. It can happen in this lifetime or the next (or 10 lives from now). You can take our beginner magic courses and learn more about Mags, Psychic Abilities and the roadmap to Rapid Spiritual Evolution. 


How long does it take to graduate from Sefirot School?

In Sefirot School there is no formal diplomas or graduation. Why? Because we do not measure skill and success on a piece of paper but on how real and powerful your abilities are. A certificate is worthless if you haven't developed any real skill. This is the typical education process in Sefirot School: 

Year 1:  Introduction to Magic, Energy, Basic Technology and Practices, Developing Extrasensory Abilities, studying the History and Origins of Magick, Studying Basic Diagnostics, Healing and learning LOTS AND LOTS OF THEORY! Why theory? So you know what you're doing and follow all the safety precautions. 

Year 2:  Intro to Ritualistic Magic, Working with Mandalas, Spells, creating Amulets and Talismans, more Theory, Learning How To Affect Living Matter and Nature, Practicing Healing, Learning INTERMEDIATE MAGIC TECHNOLOGY and PRACTICES. 

Year 3:  Working in Astral Planes, Learning Warrior Magic, Elements, Artifacts, Introduction to Alchemy, more Theory, Working With Time, Strengthening Magic Skills, Teaching, Mastering INTERMEDIATE MAGIC TECHNOLOGY and PRACTICES.

Year 5:  Initiation, Working in Mental Planes, Working With Other Worlds and Dimensions, Working with Reincarnations, Mastering Elements, Learning ADVANCED MAGIC TECHNOLOGY and PRACTICES and MORE. 

Year 5 and Beyond:  Developing own magic technologies, growing own practices, creating words, MASTERING ADVANCED MAGIC TECHNOLOGY AND PRACTICES and MORE. 

As you can see, those students who make it beyond Year 4, start working on their own Magic technologies. They can stay with other advanced students and learn and conduct specific Magic courses, rituals and practices that require higher level knowledge and years of experience. We always encourage our students to open their own practices and schools. 


Can Anyone Become a Student at Sefirot School?

Yes. In order to complete the school's curriculum, it's best that students start from the very beginning. If you are a practicing Mag already, or switching from another school, and know our model and terminology, then you can be evaluated by the Master and placed in courses according to your level. However, anyone can buy video and audio courses of any level. BUT In order to stay safe and not to cause harm to others, we strongly recommend you consult with the Master before doing Intermediate or Advanced Practices on your own. 

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