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About Sefirot School

Seeking Truth | Finding Self | Fulfilling a Higher Purpose

Sefirot School was founded by Master Sorapis in 2017. Sorapis is a parapsychologist, psychokinesics & healing technologies expert, master lecturer of esoteric & occult science, a spiritual mentor & guide.  

Sefirot School is a place for anyone who has questions that are left unanswered by traditional education, science, society & religion. Usually these questions are about the "unexplained", the "unsolved" or the "forbidden" subjects, such as:

  • Origins of God and creation 

  • Essence and purpose of a soul and humanity

  • Existence of subtle bodies, planes, other worlds, portals and dimensions

  • Origins, quality and purpose of different energies

  • Existence of forbidden archeology and non-human technologies

  • True power & potential of a human to control reality, heal & create other worlds 

  • Ability of a person to work with time, changing past, present and future events 

  • Ability of a soul to connect with past, future & parallel reincarnations

  • Ability to connect to "the genius" to receive & knowledge, skill or insight

  • Ability to affect and work with living, non-living & subtle matters

  • Ability of a soul to travel outside the physical body & to different realms

  • Real history, origin & age of human race & known civilizations

  • & much much more beyond the physical


In Sefirot School, students study not only esoteric & occult sciences, but also receive technology & artifacts for personal practice & for working with others. Sefirot School holds both group & individual classes. We conduct seminars, master classes & retreats online & in person internationally.

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Academic Program

Grow with Us | Learn with Us | Heal with Us

The goal of Sefirot School is a rapid vertical spiritual evolution of a soul.


We believe and specialize in providing knowledge, practices and technology. Through our program, we provide tools for personal spiritual growth as well as for helping others. Most of our students eventually set up their own practices.


​We believe in individuality. All the knowledge and practices can and should be customized according to student's personal qualities. 


​We believe that students should receive plenty of theory and learn about necessary precautions in order to take classes. 


We provide a tested and a working spiritual model. This model helps people change their lives/reality, endure a rapid spiritual growth, and work with others by using our methodology.


There are many other schools and models that work. We encourage students to explore other venues before committing to one. In our school we have certain approach and terminology. Therefore, we suggest our students take some basic courses first before diving into any intermediate or advanced sessions and practices. 

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