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Black Sky

This is a video product. Please contact us for availability and delivery method. 


Learn all about TAROT


Sefirot School teaches the history of Tarot, the meaning of Tarot, Tarot spreads, Ritualistic Magick using Major Arcanas and Practical Magick using Minor Arcanas.


Did you know the original purpose of Tarot was not to fortell future? Did you know the original deck of Tarot is a book? Did you know 22 Major Arcanas represent 22 energies you can tune into? Did you know Minor Arcanas represent elements and vertical spiritual evolution? 


To learn all about Tarot text Master Sorapis at 405-889-1332


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  • This product is an instruction session. Group sessions can be purchased as a live instruction via zoom or as a recorded session via video link. The pricing is the same. Any live instruction depends on availability and scheduling. Individual sessions pricing varies. For more information please text 405-889-1332

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