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Black Sky

This is a video product. Please contact us for availability and delivery method. 


This product is about working with extrasonsoric abilities, in other words a third eye, it's opening and it's use. Did you know that an open and functioning third eye gives you abilities to see, hear, sense and feel beyond the 3 dimensions? That is why it is called extrasensory, because you develop "extra" senses to operate within subtle planes and perform "extraordinary" activities. For more information about this course text Master Sorapis at: 405-889-1332

Discover Psychic Abilities

SKU: 21554345656
  • This product is an instruction session. Group sessions can be purchased as a live instruction via zoom or as a recorded session via video link. The pricing is the same. Any live instruction depends on availability and scheduling. Individual sessions pricing varies. For more information please text 405-889-1332

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