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Black Sky

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Your soul is your assemblage point. It means it assembles your reality. How you see things, how you perceive world, how you interact with others and how you function in society. 


Did you know your soul has many parameters? It has structure, frequency, volume, strength, position, ability to move and other interesting features.


Did you know that by studying your soul you can learn to scan other people, places, objects for their energy. By creating a database you will be able to better select your environment and relashionships. By doing that you will eliminate negativity and custom make your reality with only positive and constructive interactions.


Did you know that by learing to move and shift your soul you can learn about other worlds, your past and future reincarnations, and master out of body travel and experiences. Did you know that by studying your soul you can learn more about dreaming and the meanings of your dreams? 


Did you know that through your soul you can receive and transmit different quality energies? With these energies you can either make changes in your consciousness or in the world around you. Did you know that your soul works through your chakras? 


You can learn all that and more in our courses about Soul. You can learn about the process of soul capturing during conception as well as the path of a soul after physical death. For more information text Sorapis at: 405-889-1332   

Learn Your Soul

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  • This product is an instruction session. Group sessions can be purchased as a live instruction via zoom or as a recorded session via video link. The pricing is the same. Any live instruction depends on availability and scheduling. Individual sessions pricing varies. For more information please text 405-889-1332

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