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Black Sky

Chakras are energy centers. They transmit and receive energy. They regulate our physical body and organs. They also play a big role in affecting your world and reality. 


Did you know that your soul rests in one of your Chakras? Your soul works like a lense through which you see your reality and the Chakra determines its frequency. Did you know that by learning about your most active Chakra you can tell a lot about your consciousness, your intellect and your spirituality?


Did you know that you're connected with other people through different Chakras? Depending on Chakra connections you can determine the strength and potential of any relationship, family, sexual, business, love, friendship and so on. Did you know you could analyze and establish those connections to make your relashionship stronger?


Did you know you can tell a person's energy flow by analyzing their Chakras? A person's Charka corresponds with their subtle bodies.


Did you know the quality of your Karma also depends on your most active Chakras? You can learn all that and more by taking our courses on Chakras. For more information text Sorapis at 405-889-1332

Learn Chakras

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  • This product is an instruction session. Group sessions can be purchased as a live instruction via zoom or as a recorded session via video link. The pricing is the same. Any live instruction depends on availability and scheduling. Individual sessions pricing varies. For more information please text 405-889-1332

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