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Black Sky

This is a video product. Please contact us for availability and delivery method. 


Learn how to protect yourself spiritually. How to detect, block, mirror and get rid of evil eye, curses and other energy attacks from humans and non-humans. 


Did you know that curses are the strongest among family members, particularly from parents to their children? Did you know there are bloodline curses which last for generations? Did you know it's impossible to get rid of a curse through religion (prayer, religious attributes, religious rituals) if it was originally cast by a powerful mag (mystic)?


Did you know that curses create holes in your body's energy cocoon? Did you know there are different types of curses and no medicine can help treating one? 


To learn all about spiritual protection and warrior magick text Master Sorapis at: 405-889-1332

Learn Spiritual Protection

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  • This product is an instruction session. Group sessions can be purchased as a live instruction via zoom or as a recorded session via video link. The pricing is the same. Any live instruction depends on availability and scheduling. Individual sessions pricing varies. For more information please text 405-889-1332

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