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Academic Program

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The goal of Sefirot School is a rapid vertical spiritual evolution of a soul.  


We believe and specialize in providing knowledge, practices and technology. Through our program, we provide tools for personal spiritual growth as well as for helping others. Most of our students eventually set up their own practices.

We believe in individuality. All the knowledge and practices can and should be customized according to student's personal qualities. 

We believe that students should receive plenty of theory and learn about necessary precautions in order to take classes. 


We provide a tested and a working spiritual model. This model helps people change their lives/reality, endure a rapid spiritual growth, and work with others by using our methodology.


There are many other schools and models that work. We encourage students to explore other venues before committing to one. In our school we have certain approach and terminology. Therefore, we suggest our students take some basic courses first before diving into any intermediate or advanced sessions and practices. 

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